Fundamental Physics 2010 and the LHC

This lecture is an eye opener. The way Nima Arkani-Hamed explains concepts and lays out his thought is startling. His understanding of theoretical physics must be vast, as his ability to convey his developments and theories is inspiring. They say that a smart man can make complex things seem simple. Well, this lecture is an example of it.

Of particular interest is Nima’s discussion of the questions that the LHC might answer. I also like the way Nima thinks of everything in centimeters. It’s a great way to put things in perspective.

This image is from a Harvard University Gazette article on Nima.

Here is the link to the lecture I am referring to (1 hour 29 mins) on google video (it’s embeded below as well). I am not going to summarise Nima’s talk, you should watch it for yourself.

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