Julia Gillard – Don’t insult our intelligence.

Julia Gillard is standing behind Conroy’s Internet Filter.

Extremely rare photo of Julia Gillard at a computer. photo: Simon Schluter

I am outraged by the Australian government and its decisions on issues relating to the internet and personal freedom. It’s like Australian government representatives have sections of their brains removed that deal with logic as soon as they take office. I was shocked to read that our new prime minister Julia Gillard is going to back the Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s proposed Internet filter. This is exactly the kind of issue that the inept Australian government should not be allowed to make on behalf of Australian citizens. They clearly do not have the mental or intellectual capacity to do so. Australia is becoming a country I am ashamed to be associated with. It is the butt of many a joke by tech savvy thinkers the world over because its administration continues to make bad decisions like this. It is quite frankly, embarrassing.

Here’s another bad idea the Australian Government has come up with: Searching travelers mobile phones and laptops for porn at airports. Excuse me? Is that some kind of bad joke? Does that mean I’ll have to wait at the airport while another half educated idiot with his logic sector removed actually goes through my laptop’s hard disk searching for kiddie porn?

Why can’t people see this “kiddie porn” lie for what it is? It is simply a way for the logic lobotomized government to get the TV watching Australian public to agree to another one of their personal freedoms being removed. According to people like Stephen Conroy, Australians need to be protected from the free flow of information provided by the internet. Exactly why is that? Don’t insult our intelligence. In fact, the U.S. Ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich recently stated:

“We have been able to accomplish the goals that Australia has described, which is to capture and prosecute child pornographers and others who use the Internet for terrible purposes, without having to use Internet filters. We have other means and we are willing to share our efforts with them in order to allow them to at least look at a range of choices, as opposed to moving in one particular direction. It’s an ongoing conversation.”

You might want to look into that Conroy. Sounds like a good piece of advice to me.

Is Australia to become another China, Iran or Vietnam? Vietnam bans facebook. I’m not a fan of facebook, but millions of people use it every day. The Vietnamese however, are no longer allowed to talk to their friends on facebook.

Tank Man

Tank Man

A large sector of China’s population don’t even know that some of its brightest student minds were crushed by tanks in Tienanmen square because China’s government also likes to filter information. Imagine the Chinese pride if they could have seen images of tank man like the rest of the world did? What does the Australian government really want to filter? What truth is to be hidden from us?

Maybe Australia can join the list of countries like Iran and Turkmenistan who ban youtube. What sites are next?

When Julia Gillard compares filtering the Internet to “going to the Cinema”, it truly shatters any credibility she has in dealing with issues such as freedom of information or technology. The cinema? That is a comment I would expect from a child, not a Prime Minister of Australia. If Gillard deals with issues of this magnitude as flippantly as that, maybe she should stand down, get some popcorn and head off to the cinema where she can have her information filtered for her if that’s the way she likes it. Gillard should leave making this type of decision to someone who can actually think.

I thought Australia was supposed to be a free country and a democracy? This is not only a threat to the personal rights of Australians, it is a waste of tax payers money. It’s a simple task for anyone with even the most rudimentary computer skills to bypass any filter the Australian government puts in place. So it’s not only a bad idea and an insult, it’s futile.

Julia Gillard, here is your chance to make a smart decision. Not just to prove that you are capable of representing the intelligent citizens of Australia, but to prove that you have respect for personal freedom.

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1 Response to Julia Gillard – Don’t insult our intelligence.

  1. juliathepoet says:

    I don’t keep up on Australian politics. Part of that is that the USA has enough political idiots who think and say the most absurd things. (“Real rape victims” don’t get pregnant because their super-vaginas just kick that rapist’s sperm out and tell it to go away. Or, you can cut taxes, increase the military budget and pay down a government deficit all at the sane time.) Sounds like Julia Gillard uses that same kind of magical thinking when she considers technology issues. Sheesh.

    Are pictures of mothers breast feeding babies and naked babies in the bath being targeted as kiddy porn there too? I personally fail to see how a baby nursing, (a woman is showing less breast than a lot of bikinis do. Kids don’t take baths with their clothes on, but as long as there isn’t an adult doing something sexual with the kids, I just can’t find the danger, but feel free to chime in if I have missed some important part of kiddie porn.) Besides kiddie porn, what do they claim to be protecting Australians from?

    Just found your blog. As the wife of the computer guy, I appreciate that most of your posts are readily accessible for a person with a passing knowledge of “Computer Geek.” 😉

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