Glass in foot works its way to the surface 4 and a half months later

A small piece of glass that was stuck in my foot has finally worked its way to the surface and I was able to remove it. I’m blogging this so that anyone who finds them self in a similar position will hopefully feel a little more confident that given some time, the glass should work its way out. Of course you should seek the help of a medical professional or try and remove the glass or splinter yourself as soon as possible, but in my case even that was not enough to get the small shard out. What follows is the details of my experience.

Glass shard

The small shard of glass that was stuck in my foot for 4 and a half months.

Four and a half months ago I stepped on some glass from a broken fruit juice bottle. It was in an awkward spot for me to get at so I asked a couple of my family members to see if they could get the glass out using a pin and some tweezers. They were able to remove one piece, but I could tell there was a small piece still inside the wound. So in the evening on the day it occurred, I went to the emergency room at a local hospital to get the remaining piece removed. The doctor on duty dug around in the wound for a while and after some time decided that the piece had come out whilst she was wiping the blood away from the area. I wasn’t convinced but the doctor seemed pretty sure there was no more glass in the wound.

Over the following months I experienced intermittent pain and varying degrees of discomfort coming from the area where the glass was embedded in my foot. The small hole never healed completely. I kept the wound covered with medical strips/plasters and regularly applied a disinfecting ointment and kept the area clean.

Today when I removed the medical strip covering the wound and brushed my finger across the hole, I felt something hard at the surface. I was able to grab the object between my fingernails and a small shard of glass slid out.

I am extremely relieved! Some days it was painful when I was walking around. There were times when I would feel accute pain coming from the wound as the glass cut me. This was usually when I shifted my weight in an unusual way. I have been in a tropical climate for a while now, so I was starting to get worried about the wound not healing. But hopefully it will heal up fine now that the remaing glass shard is gone. Result!

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83 Responses to Glass in foot works its way to the surface 4 and a half months later

  1. Paige says:

    I just pulled a shard of glass from my daughters heel today, after 3 years!

    3 years ago BJ stepped on something sharp, which left a small straight line wound, and bled alot but stopped soon after. We ‘dettolled’ the area, looked around the wound, tweezered etc to find nothing & concluded that whatever went in, must have come out.

    For a week she limped on it, and said it was uncomfortable but not painful. I took her to the doctors. He looked, and couldn’t see anything, but cut a ‘chunk’, literally a chunk of her foot out, and stitched it up, saying that he hoped he had got whatever it was. The healing process took another 3/4 weeks, and then she seemed ok. We forgot about it, assuming it was all good. She mentioned her sore foot intermittently over the last 3 years & that it hurt at certain angles – we put it down to scar tissue from the stitches.

    Over the last 3 weeks, BJ has been mentioning her foot again. We looked at it and could see there was a darkening spot & raised skin to the left of the stitch-scar, as if there was something pushing out of her heel. So before we went to the doctors for more surgery, we thought to try some magnoplasm to draw it out. So she slept with a sock over a magnoplasm-covered gauze. Then today we went down to the beach where she played on the sand & in the water. Best thing.

    When we got home, we looked at the heel to see that there was a small opening, and some ooze was coming out. I then scraped off some more of the surrounding skin, and could see a sharp edge! I grabbed the tweezers, and pulled on the edge, expecting there to be a small piece. It just kept coming!! It was about 1.5cm in length!!!! Unbelievable!

    Soon afterwards BJ stood up and said ‘oh it feel better Mum’.

    I am so pleased that it is out! And I marvel at the human body’s ability to heal itself – it knows, it just knows.

  2. Betsy says:

    My boyfriend works in glass work and gas little shards that come out of his hands, knees, and recently his face. This is the first time we have come across someone else experiencing the same thing.

  3. Will says:

    I just had to google glass in feet because about 4 months ago, I guess I stepped on glass and never noticed but I eventually knew that I did because I could feel the acute pain when I moved my foot in weird positions and sometimes when I walk. Today I just got tired of it and looked at it and the wound was extremely dark and bleeding like crazy. I squeezed it off and on for about 40 minutes and then gave it one last squeeze and a about a half inch piece of glass slid out!!!! I am so relived of pain and glad that pesky pain is gone. Praise the lord and our amazing natural ability to heal!!!

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  6. Paulette says:

    I got a shard in my pinky finger near the inside of the lowest joint. Took seven years until it came close enough to the surface for me to cut the skin and get it out. I stepped on glass about two years ago with my heel. I could not get the smaller pieces out. The pain went away and it stopped bothering me. All of a sudden I started having pain in my foot and a bulge formed under my smaller toes. Pieces of glass came out. I now have five small painful spots on the base of my toes where tiny shards of glass are trying to exit. Some days it is very painful, some days it is better. I am soaking the foot and trying to get the glass near the surface so that I can cut open the skin and get them out… A total annoyance.

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