Chinese government “protects” China from the Nobel Peace Prize

Still want an Internet filter Australia? Liu Xiaobo, a political prisoner incarcerated by the Chinese government was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010 “for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China”. In response, it appears that the Chinese government has gone into overdrive censoring the Internet in China so that all searches for the terms “Nobel Peace Prize” or “Liu Xiaobo” return no results. No doubt is now censored in China along with many other completely legitimate sites. So, for the average Chinese citizen, the Nobel Peace Prize no longer exists on the Internet. What an effective way to control the population don’t you think? Remove any reference to a long standing and revered international award for peace!
It raises a number of important questions. Should governments have the ability to filter anything they want from the population they govern? Does a government have the right to smother international recognition for something as fundamental as one mans struggle for human rights? I think I can safely say that an overwhelming majority of people in the “free world” would agree that people in power should have no control over the flow of information.
The censorship of the Nobel Peace Prize is an example of the type of control the Australian government will have if Stephen Conroy’s Internet Filter is allowed to continue. The Australian Internet filter is not something Australian citizens have voted on. In addition, one would have to be extremely foolish to think that Australian citizens will have any control over what the filter will be used to “shield” them from. Why does Julia Gillard think that an internet filter is a good idea for Australia? What are the real motives?

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