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Kevin Bracken, Australian trade unionist stands up for 9/11 truth – PM discusses in Federal Parliament

Sparked off by the Australian Greens request for a debate on the war in Afghanistan, Kevin Bracken the president of the Trades Hall council and the secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, has taken a stand and made his views clear once again. In regards to the September 11th 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, Bracken has gone on the record stating that “I believe the official story is a conspiracy theory that doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny”. 76.79% of readers polled agree. Kevin Brackens comments were later discussed during question time by Julia Gillard the PM of Australia. Continue reading

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Chinese government “protects” China from the Nobel Peace Prize

The Chinese government has used its Internet filter and search control to hide news that Liu Xiaobo (an imprisoned Chinese human rights activist) has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Is this the kind of control that Julia Gillard and Stephen Conroy want from the Australian Internet Filter? Continue reading

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C# ASP .NET – Creating an asynchronous, threaded worker process manager and UpdatePanel progress monitor control

Sample code and instructions for creating an asynchronous worker class manager including a custom control for monitoring the running processes. The sample project and source code is written in C# ASP .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008. Continue reading

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Dictionary.com installs over 200 tracking cookies on visitors computers

In the past I have been known to use dictionary.com and thesaurus.com. Not anymore. I distinctly remember visiting dictionary.com a few weeks ago. It was the first visit since upgrading my OS and browser. I was shocked by how sluggish … Continue reading

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Julia Gillard – Don’t insult our intelligence.

Julia Gillard is standing behind Conroy’s Internet Filter. I am outraged by the Australian government and its decisions on issues relating to the internet and personal freedom. It’s like Australian government representatives have sections of their brains removed that deal … Continue reading

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Fundamental Physics 2010 and the LHC

This lecture is an eye opener. The way Nima Arkani-Hamed explains concepts and lays out his thought is startling. His understanding of theoretical physics must be vast, as his ability to convey his developments and theories is inspiring. They say … Continue reading

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